Too good to let go

Former Royal Norwegian navy Seal and Deputy Director of Austria’s premium casino chain got seduced by Prague’s charm in the 90’s. “It was a beautiful city, a total green field – just too good to let go,” Nils Jebens describes his decision to leave previous career and open his first successful restaurant.

Nils Jebens


The right combination

The art of cooking consists of two things. Premium raw materials and the right inspiration. Inventing new meals or transforming raw materials into finished dishes is my love affair and I try to pamper our guests as much as possible.

Marek Raditsch

Executive Chef Kampa Group

Jakub Servít

Sous Chef of Kampa Park restaurant

Marián Nový

Representative of the Chef of Kampa Park restaurant


Soňa Hluší

Restaurant manager

Tomáš Hochman

Restaurant manager


Kristine Ragan

Financial Manager Kampagroup

Petr Hanzlíček

Head Sommelier Kampagroup

Karel Bartoš

Bar manager Kampa Group