Salmon 32° with mango, pickled cucumber, soy-ginger sauce and coconut sorbet | 395 CZK

Honey and soy glazed quail with truffled potato purée and Timut pepper | 395 CZK

Beef tartare with Ponzu sauce, mango-chili aioli, scallions and potato chips | 395 CZK

Beet root racvioli with fresh goat cheese, tangerines, pistachio nuts and raspberry dressing | 395 CZK

Octopus carpaccio with yuzu gel, pomegranate and chives | 495 CZK

Seared scallops with cauliflower, nuts, raisins and dill beurre blanc with capers | 595 CZK

Tiger prawns with crispy kadaifi, semi dried tomatoes and ginger-garlic beurre blanc | 595 CZK

Tuna tartar with black truffle pearls, crispy shallot and caviar beurre blanc | 695 CZK

Caviar Ossetra Signature Neuvic served with crème fraîche and brioche | 2.450 (30 g) CZK | 3.450 (50 g) CZK

Onion consommé with foie gras, crispy mushroom pockets and truffle pearls | 395 CZK

Season´s best mushrooms risotto with vegetable foam and parmesan | 595 CZK

Baked tomatoes stuffed with nine flavors, beluga lentils and herb sauce | 495 CZK

Beet root carpaccio with tangerines, pistachio nuts and raspberry dressing | 395 CZK

Green asparagus and broccolini with baby potatoes and black truffle coulis | 695 CZK

Fresh forest berries | 395 CZK

Steamed salmon with white asparagus, parsley purée, potato rosettes and morel Hollandaise | 745 CZK

Baked sea bass with artichokes, garlic risotto and beurre blanc sauce with trio of caviar  | 895 CZK

Olive oil poached halibut with black truffles, crispy bacon, potato mash with French mustard, and vegetable foam | 995 CZK

Chicken ballotine with morels and green asparagus, yuzu-potato purée, fava beans and chicken-truffle jus with miso | 745 CZK

Saddle of sika deer with baked tomato stuffed with nine flavors, pumpkin gnocchi, foie gras, beluga lentils and red wine sauce | 795 CZK

Pepper steak with glazed shallots, zucchini spaghetti, crispy potato cake and cognac sauce | 895 CZK

Strawberry cappuccino with vanilla ice cream, walnuts, meringue and forest berries | 325 CZK

Caraïbe chocolate fondant with Grand Marnier ice cream and orange coulis | 325 CZK

Tian of caramelized Pink lady apples, vanilla cream and mint ice cream | 325 CZK

Cheese plate served with pear mustard and pumpkin bread chips Mont d´Or, Roquefort, Pico Boite, Tomme de Savoie | 495 CZK

Mixed garden greens | 125 CZK

Garden vegetable salad | 125 CZK

Tomato salad and Maché lettuce | 125 CZK

Potato purée | 145 CZK

French fries | 145 CZK

Buttered vegetables | 145 CZK


*Can be ordered with main course only