Salmon sashimi with ginger, garlic, chives, ponzu sauce and hot sesame oil

| 395 Kč

Beef steak tartare with egg yolk cont, chervil, Comté cheese and potato chips

| 395 Kč

Tiger prawns with crispy katai, semi dried tomatoes and ginger-garlic beurre blanc

| 645 Kč

Octopus carpaccio with yuzu gel, pomegranate, cider dressing and chives

| 695 Kč

Seared duck foie gras with mango chutney, cashew nuts cream, five-spice sauce and brioche

| 795 Kč

Caviar Ossetra Signature Neuvic served with crème fraîche and brioche

| 3.650 Kč (30 g) | 5.550 Kč (50 g)




Green pea and coconut soup with coriander oil

and shiitake mushrooms

| 295 Kč 


Fish main courses

Linguine with tiger prawns, green asparagus

and tomato sauce

| 565 Kč

Oven baked cod „Bourguignon“ with button mushrooms, bacon lardons,

shallots and potato-garlic purée

| 695 Kč

Baked miso marinated salmon with wasabi-green pea purée,

crispy scallions and teriyaki sauce

| 995 Kč

Wild line caught sea bass with artichoke risotto, semi dried tomatoes

and basil beurre blanc sauce with organic trout roe

| 1.295 Kč


Meat main courses

Black Angus burger with caramelized red onion, cheddar, blackberry BBQ sauce, black true aioli and French fries

| 595 Kč

Pork cheeks with saron risotto, oven baked root vegetables and rosemary sauce

| 695 Kč

Honey glazed duck breast with red cabbage and prune purée, spinach-almond dumplings, scallions and red wine sauce

| 995 Kč

Pepper steak with roasted zucchini, glazed shallots, crispy potato cake and cognac sauce

| 1.295 Kč




Avocado and Granny Smith apple salad with fresh goat cheese,

sugar snap pea, grapes, mint, pumpkin seeds

and kale-cider dressing

| 295 Kč

Baby spinach salad with seared beef, exotic dressing,
crispy shallots, coriander and tomatoes

| 365 Kč

Burrata with strawberries, figs, pine nuts,
basil oil and aged balsamic

| 465 Kč


Vegetarian main courses

Linguine with green asparagus, tomato sauce and parmesan

| 415 Kč

Crispy spinach croquettes with baby corn, shiitake mushrooms,
coconut milk sauce with coriander and cashew nuts

| 795 Kč

Risotto with season’s best mushrooms and parmesan

| 495/795 Kč



Selection of home made sorbets and ice cream

| 245 Kč

Choux au Craquelin with matcha cream, mango sorbet and passion fruit coulis

| 265 Kč

Vanilla Créme Brullée with orange sorbet and almond granola

| 265 Kč

Strawberry cappuccino with vanilla ice cream, meringue

and forest berries

| 315 Kč

Komuntu Valrhona 80% chocolate fondant

with raspberries and acacia honey -mint ice cream

| 345 Kč

Cheese plate served with pear mustard and pumpkin bread chips:

Camembert, Roquefort, Comté, Pico Boite

| 495 Kč